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Osteopathy for all

"From the newborn to the elderly, the sporty to the sedentary, from top to toe and the inside out" - Alan Coles

Welcome to Alan Coles & Associates Osteopathy

Streatham Osteopaths has been serving the local community since 1987. We are based in the heart of the Furzedown Area of Streatham – a very family orientated area due to the quality of the schools in the area – both Primary and Secondary.

Alan's practice in Kensington is located at "The surgery", a GP's practice. It is conveniently located just 200m walk from Gloucester Road tube station immediately behind the parade of shops opposite it's exit. It is nestled half way down the quiet Mews.

Our Treatments

Trapped nerves (sciatica/arm pain)

This commonly presents as pins and needles/numbness/pain in any combination and usually in a specific area depending on which nerve is compressed.

Pregnancy pain

As a result of the postural demands and the ligament softening both during and after pregnancy back pain is a fairy common complaint. This can be managed well by Osteopathy.

Visceral problems

The Viscera-or internal organs are one of many areas of the body that Osteopaths treat on a regular basis.

Cranial-sacral osteopathy (babies & children)

Parents have been bringing their babies and children for osteopathic treatment for generations - for more and more conditions - but it is Colic in all its manifestations that is still the major one we see on a regular basis.

Sports injuries

Includes such conditions as golfer's/tennis elbow, achilles tendonitis, shoulder complaints.

Lower Back Pain/Neck Pain

These are the most common two areas treated by Osteopaths and are often caused by poor posture,stress,tension a sedentary lifestyle or prolonged spells at the computer. Conversely, to much physical activity can place undue...

Latest News

Sadiq Khan Mp and Streatham Osteopaths!

Sadiq Khan Mp and Streatham Osteopaths!
2nd May 2014
Our local MP-Sadiq Khan successfully ran this years London Marathon in an impressive 4.19 to raise money for The Dispossessed...

We Have A New Website For 2014

We Have A New Website For 2014
17th February 2014
After a couple of months, our new website is now live! We wanted a new design to feel more modern and easy to navigate...

The Furzedown Festival 2012

The Furzedown Festival 2012
1st August 2012
Once again Streatham Osteopaths had a stall at the Furzedown Festival, in July. This is one of England's biggest Local Festivals...

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